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How to take the train from Paris Centrum to Disneyland Paris

How to take the train to Disneyland Paris from the opera
Close to the opera were we stayed was a train/metro station where we could get on our train. It is located close to Galleries Lafayette and it is called Auber.

The train station looks like this from the front and is located under a building in the streets

When you arrive at the place you have to take the elevator down. When you get down you can buy your tickets and they cost 7,5 euro per ticket.

You will need 2- one to Disney and one from Disney. You can buy both on the same time. Afterwards you take the stair down and there you will find a sign with a pile to the right direction.

The sign when you arrive at Disneyland

When you are going back from Disneyland you go out of the park and your are properly ending in the Disney City. Close to the city is a big building where the train station is located and you can enter it in the front close to the exit from Disneyland. Lucy and I could not find it so we panicked a bit but in the end we found it.
It is super easy to take the train and i would recommend it! It is cheap and a fast way! You can also go by buss or taxi but i think it is more expensive that way!

Take the RER A line (the red line) with the direction Marne-la-Vallée - Chessy
It takes about 45 minutes
You can also take the train from the following places:
Charles de Gauelle Etoile, Chatelet les Halles, Gare de Lyon and Nation

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