søndag den 18. oktober 2015

DIY Sunday- Face mask |October|

It's finally Sunday again which means it's time for another DIY recipe! Today it's all about one of my favorite DIY face mask there is so quick to make but absolutely amazing for your skin! It only contains one ingredient I'm sure you all have! The ingredient I'm talking about is an egg. Simple as that- an egg. Maybe some of you have already heard about this face mask! I had heard about it before but never tried it and I really can't understand why?! It's soooo good and I highly recommend you all to try it!

You'll need:
An egg
Two bowls

Egg white: contains protein which repair and make your skin growth. It promotes strong, wrinkle-free skin. It also contains potassium which hydrates and moisturizes skin while it preserves your skin cells. The riboflavin in an egg eliminates toxic and cell-damaging free radicals that create wrinkles and at least but not last! An egg contains magnesium which gives a radiant skin and slow down the aging process. And a bonus info! Egg white also helps tighten the pores.
Pretty great don't you think?

First find one egg and two bowls

Yeah I know! There is only one bowl

Next you separate the egg by cracking an egg on a bowl and transfer the yolk from shell to shell. Each time you transfer the yolk, a little bit of the egg white will flow into the bowl. Keep doing this until all of the egg white is in the bowl and the yolk in another bowl.

How to use it:
Prepare your face for the mask by washing your face in warm water. This will open up your pores, which will improve the effectiveness of the mask. Next take the egg white and apply it to your face. Wash of the mask when the mask is completely dry on your face, it's about 15 min or so.
Be careful! The mask might start running so keep some paper or a cloth close by!
You can finish it all by using your face toner and cream.

This mask really worked great on my skin! It left my skin soft and I could really feel that my skin was more tight then before. It also gave my skin a nice glow!
I'll definitely try to use this mask once a week or every second week!

Have a nice Sunday!
Xx Maria  
søndag den 11. oktober 2015

DIY Sunday- Hand treatment |October|

So we're almost halfway through October! What's going on? This also means it's the second Sunday of my DIY October and today it's all about hand treatment! I hate having dry hands and I'm always looking for great hand treatment products, so when I found this recipe online I had to try it! It's super easy to make and I'm pretty sure you'll have all the products at home! It's a great weekly treatment and it really leaves your hand super moisturized and nice! Win win!

You'll need:
-A bowl
-Olive oil
-And some berries, I used blueberries (but not a must!)

Honey: Rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and it's good at moisturizing

Oats/Oatmeal: moisturizing and helps remove dead skin cells, contain anti-inflammatory properties and saponins

Blue Berries: Smooth the skin, prevent fine lines and wrinkles, eliminate scars, increase elasticity

Start by finding a bowl (Take one who can get in the microwave)

Fill around 1/3 of the bowl with plain oats

Put around 2 cups of water into the bowl (The soupier the better) and cook it in the microwave for around 2-3 min

Let your oatmeal cool off while you start cutting your berries. In the original recipe you should use strawberries but I used blueberries instead

When your oatmeal has cooled off a bit, put your berries up in the bowl and mix it together

Afterwards put some olive oil in the bowl as well. Use around 2 or 3 spoonfuls of olive oil and stir it well

Then it's ready to use! Sink your hands into the mixture and soak them in it for some minutes

Gently massage the mixture into your hands for some minutes. Rinse your hands with some warm water and pat dry your hands! The you're a good to go and to face the winter coldness!

Enjoy and good luck with your hand treatment!

Have a wonderful Sunday!
Xx Maria
søndag den 4. oktober 2015

DIY Sunday- Lip Scrub |October|

October is here which mean it's getting colder and colder (and closer to Christmas!!!) and you need to watch out for your skin!
I don't know with you guys but I hate dry lips! I can't take it! If my lips get dry I just want to touch them all the time and pull the loose skin of them and honestly it's not super delicious looking at and it doesn't help your lip situation at all!
One little magic product you can use on your lips besides lip balm etc. is a lip scrub. Between you and me I sometimes find lip scrubs expensive and I'm the kind of person who don't use a lip scrub very often so it's kind of annoying.
One evening when I was bored I started searching for a DIY lip scrub and this is what I found!
I hope you guys like it!

So first you'll need:
A little container to your product (I used a travel size day cream container I just cleaned)
1 TSP Brown sugar
1 TSP White sugar
1 TSP Honey or syrup
½ TSP Olive oil
A small bowl
A spoon

Brown sugar: Contains anti-bacterial properties and vitamin B
White sugar: Draws moisture to your skin and can help sun-damaged skin
Honey: Rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and it's good at moisturizing
Olive oil: Full of vitamins, minerals and proteins, moisturizing and can help simulate the healing of skin

My container

Start by mixing all the products together in a small bowl

I don't think we have brown sugar in Denmark so I used what I thought would be brown sugar in Denmark (rørsukker).

Since we didn't have any honey at home I used one TSP of syrup

½ TSP of Olive Oil

All the products in the bowl

After mixing the products together it looked like this. If you want the consistence to be different you use more or less of some of the products. I wanted it to be "dry".
Afterwards put it up in your small container and it's ready for use!

To use: 
Apply the scrub on your lips and massage it around for about 20-30 seconds. Wipe off and feel the smoothness of your lips!
Personally I think my lip color afterwards was so nice!

I contain it together with all of my other lips products so no need to keep it in the fridge!
Enjoy and good luck doing your own lip scrub!

Have a nice Sunday!
Xx Maria
mandag den 28. september 2015

Welcome to University |Part 2|

So I have officially been an university student for almost a month! It's crazy and I can't believe how fast this month has went and how much I already have done! But let's start with day 1!

So the first day I went to my university 08:45 am ready for the first welcome. When I went to our canteen I was really confused because there was soooo many tables and a lot of new students! I didn't know where to go but luckily the other students where very sweet to show me the way. I found my table and took a seat and met the first 2 of my new classmates and group members. At AAU they use groups a lot throw the tuition and pretty much all of my time spend there are together with my group. I was very nervous over what kind of people they would be. Luckily my group only contains super nice and friendly people and we all have it great together. We were two girls and 3 boys in my group and it turned out that I studied math with the girl (Dinna) and one of the boys (Martin) went to the same high school as me but was in a class under me.
The rest of the day was all about our welcome with lots of speeches from different professors and student organizations.

Our program (It's in Danish sorry)

A student organization and place  called huset (the house)

After the speeches and lunch it was time for Tour de Campus which basically was like a treasure hunt (without a treasure) through the campus. It was really funny and a great way to get around the campus. Some of the competition was really difficult but still great!
We ended the tour by drawing a map over our university and it looked like this

Afterwards we went to our University's bar called Smuthullet where there was free pizza to us all! After some pizza and a beer we went home ready for the next day!

The subjects I'm studying the first semester is:
-Problem based learning (PBL)
-Fundamental energy systems physics and topology which contains of
 - Electro physics
 -Different types of energy systems
I also have some subjects I chose myself which gives me some ECTS points I don't really know what I can use them for:
-Basic Math

My books

So far I like it all but I must say PBL is super super boring and Electro physics was really difficult!!! Luckily our teacher in Electro physics was really nice and used a lot of one of our lectures on teaching us how to calculate assignments in his subject.

Besides all of my subjects I already had an exam, 6 days ago! This also means that I have been super busy writing my project (my exam) together with my group members. I pretty much didn't have time for anything and some days I most admit I didn't have time for homework.
Our exam is about us writing a project together as group members then do a presentation of it. Our main theme was Energy so after some days of discussing our final theme, we agreed on consequences with windmills with focus on people living around it.
Doing this project our group member Martin also decided to leave our group so we were even busier! In the end we made it, hold a presentation and passed it! Our presentation could have been better but it wasn't bad! And I think our Supervisor really liked our project! They had lots of positive comments on its content and they used our numbers to the others presentations if they didn't agree.

Brainstorming themes for windmills

Our project front page

I also attended a party at my university called Sport Party. Doing the day of the party people would dress up and there would be competitions in different kinds of sports. Dinna and I went and watch it a bit but then it started raining! We quickly went to Dinna's place instead and cooked dinner (Mexican pancakes) and got ready for the party. It was a lot of fun and the party at the school was very chill. I don't think I would categorize it a party but it was fun! There weren't a lot of people but Dinna and I both knew some older students and I also know a couple of people who has started this year so we had a lot fun!

Quick party selfie at the bathroom with Dinna!

So far this is some of the highlight so far of my university life! I'm currently having some days off because we just had an exam so I'm relaxing and studying a lot so I'm ready to start again! I'm hoping you guys had a nice start on your university, school, high school, job ect.
So stay tuned for more university blogpost! I'll soon gonna write a much bigger project called p1! And remember to check my blog every Sunday in October because it's DIY October!

Have a nice week
Xx Maria

søndag den 27. september 2015

DIY October

Hey guys!
Sorry I haven't posted anything lately but my start at university has been crazy and super busy! But you can read all about that in my blog post about "Welcome to university part 2" there hopefully will be up tomorrow.

This blog post is just a quick update to tell you all about my "DIY October". Every single Sunday in October I will be posting a new blog post about a DIY beauty product. Exciting right?
I can't wait to share it all with you guys!

Have a nice sunday
Xx Maria

søndag den 30. august 2015

Hannover 2015 part 2

We started day two by leaving our hotel room early in the morning and (again) went to Hannover center for breakfast and shopping

We ate breakfast at a small cafe/bakery 

My breakfast- Cheese tomato bread and a croissant with a vitamin water 

My parents ate a sandwich with omelet and bacon 
 Ready for some shopping

One of the many shopping malls

The main train station

There were stairs down to the shops in the basement floor from the shopping malls and normal shops
As you can see- LOTS OF SHOPS!

A confectionery store belonging to Galerie Kaufhof

Macaroons! I was so happy and they were really cheap (99 cent) compared to the ones I got in Paris last summer

I bought two vanillas 

The thing in the middle was actually melted (false) chocolate running! It was so cool and it was from one of my favourite chocolate brands Lindt

So many balloons but kids were loving it! 

A hot dog man 

The greyish building on the right side is a shopping mall we went to 

Shoe trying

Toy store department 

In the sport department they have made a track and field ~ So cool

This was a cake from the shopping malls bakery- Looks great but I personally didn't like it!
My dad was a fan! 

My macaroon! But it was bad because as you can see the structure wasn't right! 
Next stop PRIMARK! ♥

We ended our shopping trip by buying a cake and then we went back to our hotel room for a break before dinner!
This cake was good! There was cream inside and in the middle there was some sour berries 
Some hours later we were ready for dinner! We went a longer walker to the outer center of Hannover and found a super great place where we ate dinner!

Big building

Cheers with beer and water! (and my cola)

Dad looking fab!

This was my dish and I.WAS.FREAKING.LOVING.IT!!
It was some pork (I think) with ham around it and cheese in a cream sauce with mushrooms
Normally I don't like sauce but god I was happy I got a spoon with the dish! 

My mom got three kinds of meet in a cream Gorgonzola sauce 

My dad got a super big schnitzel and my sister a pizza 
Unfortunately I don't know the name of this place but it's located 10 meters from the place we ate dessert at

Say cheese

Sis and I

The place we ate dessert at! Highly recommend this place! Their menu was to die for!

I got Spaghetti Carbonates (one of my favourite pasta dishes) in ice cream version! 

My parents ice coffee and choco

My sister got a fruit dessert
Day 3 the weather was awful! It was raining so hard that we had to cancel our zoo plans and drive back earlier than planned. When we were leaving Hannover we couldn't get out of the city because every single freeway was blocked! There was police everywhere and we didn't know why. In the end we asked a police officer for help of how to exit the city and we was told one freeway there might not be blocked. Lucky for us it wasn't blocked but we had absolutely no idea about what was going on. Some time after we got back to Denmark we found out it was because of bomb destructing from the second world war. Before returning back home we ended up shopping close to the Danish  border and then we returned back to Denmark.
This trip to Germany has been so good! I would love to go to Hannover again and I highly recommend you to try it out if you ever have the opportunity! The best thing about Hannover was that everything was placed at one place where in Berlin you have two different locations where you can shop and it takes an evil year to get to one of the places from the other because of traffic. 
So this was everything for this time! 

Xx Maria