mandag den 11. maj 2015

Returning home can be hard but also amazing!

Dear readers!

 I sincerely apologize in my lack of blogging for the last many months! I have actually been thinking for a long time how I should star blogging again and what to write about and now I finally feel like doing it again and I actually have time for it! The last many moths has flown away and I cannot even understand it myself! I have been super busy! I have thought for a long time what I should blog about first and I have come to the conclusion that I should do a recap of the last unspoken months on this blog!

First of all I work in a shoe shop and the winter months are always ridiculous crazy busy! I’ve been working a lot so I haven’t really felt like I had any energy left for many things! And on my free time the days were always booked with plans! In the end of December, I celebrated Christmas with my family and we had some great days with good food and I felt really relaxed and blessed! After the Christmas days New Year ’s Eve was coming, and I celebrated New Year’s Eve with my friends! It was great night with lots of funny memories! I the end of January I began first step in becoming an engineer by studying math and physic on a higher level then I had in college. I thought it was strange to start a new place and for the first time in my life be alone there. I knew absolutely no one who was going study math and physic like me. Luckily, I got into a good class and I have many great friends there. It is strange I’ve only known them for some months but I already feel really close to them! In the start of February I were having a meeting with my boss were I told him I would like to quit my job in the shoe shop so I can concentrate on my education. Currently I only have 3 weeks back and I have a weird feeling inside of me. I think it is going to be nice that I have to focus on my education and in general have more time because I haven’t had that opportunity for almost 4 years, but I still think it’s weird to say “goodbye” to my colleges who I really like! But I know I will see them lots of times and still talk with them. I think the thing I’m most scared of is to say goodbye to something safe and homely to me. I’ve been working there for some really important years in my life and my colleges means a lot to me but I also know I have to focus on my education so now I’m just enjoying the last weeks I have there.

In April, my family and I decide to go to Mallorca, an island in Spain. It was an amazing vacation I can definitely say I will go back! I will tell you all more about my trip to Mallorca in another blog post so stay tuned J

When that is told I’m currently relaxing outside in our garden feeling very positive and creative while doing this blog post. I must say I can’t wait to do more of these posts! I’m unbelievably happy that my blog actually have gained view even though I haven’t posted anything so if I have follower who are reading this right now and who have been checking this site to see if I have posted anything I’m really grateful!

I will end this post by telling you a last thing. In less than a month I have my exams. I try not to think about it too much. I’m actually nervous about it because even though I’m doing a great job with my assignments I’m still afraid I will forget everything and do a bad job at my exams! But I will do my best and hold you guys updated!
So this is it for this time! Stay tuned because I will try to blog a lot more than before and I already have many ideas!

Xoxo Maria