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My trip to Paris part 1

This year Lucy and I went to Paris for a week. We stayed in the 9. arrondissement (Paris is composed in 20 arrondissement) around the Opera. We stayed at a hotel called Hotel Villa Boheme, a small hotel few minutes from Moulin Rouge and near Printemps and Galeries Lafayette which is two shopping centre. The hotel was very small (especially the bathroom) but nice and we had an air condition which we used a lot because it was super hot under our stay! The hotel's location was great and you could walk to most of the places! 

 We arrived to Paris on the 13 July and I promise the airport Charles De Gaulle is ridiculous big! Like as in a city big! But lucky enough just outside the airport you can take a bus who will drive you to your arrodissement and it is only 10,5 euro for 23 km.  

Map over the Airport

Our first day in Paris was the 14. July which is the French national day and on the national day the entry to Louvre is free so we decided we should visit it that day. On our way to Louvre large parts of Paris was blocked off due a military parade. It was a very interesting parade with soldiers from different times. They ended the parade with people dressed as soldiers from the great war because this year it is 100 years since it started. 

After two hours we could finally go to Louvre. Louvre is an enormous museum and the building it self is pretty enough to be an attraction. It was interesting to see some of the worlds most famous artworks in real life. Louvre is probably most famous for Mona Lisa but they do have a lot of other beautifully and exciting artwork. 

I'm wearing a dress and a cardigan from Primark,
sandals from Vagabond, bag from Adax and Clubmaster sunglasses from Rayban

Venus De Milo

My favourite picture from Louvre.
The painting present other painting of famous places in the world

Mona Lisa- It was really hard to get a good
picture of here because of the many
people who was standing there.

One of the beautiful rooms. The ceiling in every
room was extremely stunning.

After Louvre we went outside and over to the center of the park (Louvre is located in a park) and enjoyed the wonderful weather. Afterwards we went to Champs elysees and saw the Arc de Triomphe. 

Next on the list for our day was the Eiffel tower. In the evening there was going to be a big firework show Lucy and I have been very exited about to watch for months! On our way we were going to find a place to eat and we ended up in a touriste trap. The place was called Le Grand Corona and I would not recommend the place no matter how cute one of the waiters was. The food was pricey and bad so stay away! The rest of our evening was pretty good! The firework show was very beautiful and if you are in Paris around that time do yourself the pleasure and watch it!

On our third day in Paris we decided to go shopping. First we went to Sephora the best shop in my opinion for every beauty fanatic person! And in Paris there is soooo many Sephoras. After Sephora we went to Galeries Lafayette a big kind of expensive store but I love it! I have only visit a Galeries Lafayette store before in Berlin so when I got the opportunity to visit the real store I was pretty excited! 


I ended up buying a lot of stuff but you will have to wait for my Paris Haul to see what. We ended our shopping trip at a macaroons stand. We brought our macaroons by a brand called Pierre Hermé who is a a French pastry chef famous for his unusual flavor combinations in macaroons. He is also dubbed "The Picasso of Pastry" by the Frenc Vogue. 

Mine:                                                                  Lucy:
Pistachio and raspberry                                                               Yogurt and grapefruit
   Rose and rose petals                                                                Rose and rose petals
Yogurt, rose, litchi, and raspberry                                                           Milk chocolate and passion fruit

We ended our day early with face masks. 
Sorry for the long post I will try to make them not so long next time
xx Maria   

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