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How to take the train from Paris Centrum to Disneyland Paris

How to take the train to Disneyland Paris from the opera
Close to the opera were we stayed was a train/metro station where we could get on our train. It is located close to Galleries Lafayette and it is called Auber.

The train station looks like this from the front and is located under a building in the streets

When you arrive at the place you have to take the elevator down. When you get down you can buy your tickets and they cost 7,5 euro per ticket.

You will need 2- one to Disney and one from Disney. You can buy both on the same time. Afterwards you take the stair down and there you will find a sign with a pile to the right direction.

The sign when you arrive at Disneyland

When you are going back from Disneyland you go out of the park and your are properly ending in the Disney City. Close to the city is a big building where the train station is located and you can enter it in the front close to the exit from Disneyland. Lucy and I could not find it so we panicked a bit but in the end we found it.
It is super easy to take the train and i would recommend it! It is cheap and a fast way! You can also go by buss or taxi but i think it is more expensive that way!

Take the RER A line (the red line) with the direction Marne-la-Vallée - Chessy
It takes about 45 minutes
You can also take the train from the following places:
Charles de Gauelle Etoile, Chatelet les Halles, Gare de Lyon and Nation

Paris part 2 (Disneyland)

One of the first thing we decided to do when we were going to Paris was Disneyland! Lucy and I are both huge Disney fans so of course Disneyland was a most-go on our trip! I have since I was little always dreamt of going to Disneyland and now my dream would finally come true!
On our 4th day in Paris we were going and I was so excited! I can honestly tell you all that I was fangirling the entire day! 

We took the train to Disneyland early in the morning and it was super easy! (I will do a blog post where I will explain how to take the metro to Disneyland from Paris centrum). We brought our breakfast in our favourite breakfast place called Brioche Doree and then we were ready to go! The train trip takes about 45 min so Lucy and I were ready with our Paris playlist. (The playlist will be down below ;) )
Because we had bought tickets online, before we went to Paris, we quickly entered the park. (I would recommend buying the tickets online because you will get 10% of the tickets price, and you don't have to waste time in lines to buy the tickets when you arrive). Because of our early arriving there were not so many people the first hour.

The Disney hotel
 (If there are anyone else out there who also thought that the castle was the hotel I can tell you it is wrong! 
The building you walk through before you enter the park is the hotel)

When we entered the park a Disney orchestra was playing our favourite Disney tones
 from Cinderella to Snow white.

We started our journey in one of the Disney lands called Frontierland 

Frontierland is kind of a old western land and probably the place of my favourite attractions. 
When you enter the land there are a lot of buildings you can walk through.
 It was not an attraction but it was fun. 

The view from the buildings can help you get a better look over the land

The roller coaster in the picture is Big Thunder Mountain and I would recommend
trying this as one of the first thing when you arrive because
there is always a big line to this attraction.

The first attraction in Frontierland is called Thunder Mesa Riverboat Landing and it is a boat like an old steamer with 3 floors. It was a nice boat but the sail trip was a bit boring. 

Lucy and I in the sun :-)

The Phantom Manor, one of my fav. attractions

 Big thunder mountain 

After our sail trip we went to the Phantom Manor or the ghost house and I was so scared! I hate ghost houses but Lucy really wanted to try it so I gave in. The house was really big, old and scary. You went into the house in small groups with no idea about what was going to happen.

The entrance
As Lucy beautifully explains on her Blog:
Then the door opened and we were let into a dark room and you could hear the girl say "go to the back, please" while letting the rest in. A deep man voice said something in French and after that another door opened, letting us walk further into the mansion. We were now standing in an octagonal room with dimmed lights and paintings on the walls. The pictures were all very harmonic despite this being a haunted manor.. but soon we understood. The walls started growing taller. We were going down!
As the walls grew, so did the paintings and what had before been a nice painting of a girl sitting in a boat now became a painting of a girl sitting on a boat about to fall down a huge waterfall (and into death).
When the elevator stopped, a double door to one of the sides (of course the one we were standing closest to!) opened and a rather gloomy-looking butler appeared! We did NOT expect someone to be standing there and a nervous latter spread throughout the room.
We had no idea what was going to happen when we entered the next door. I will not tell anything about this attraction but it was brilliant and  I SAW THE ENTIRE ATTRACTION! The attraction is children friendly so don't worry ;)

After the manor we tried Big thunder mountain and it was super funny! Lucy was really afraid of rollercoaster but I think she secretly enjoyed the trip because later on she suggested we should try it again!
When the time was around 1pm it was lunch time and we ate in a Mexican restaurant located next to the rollercoaster.

  The food in Disneyland is really cheap and it is actually rather nice.
 When you eat at the different restaurant in Disneyland you can choose different menus and at Fuente Del Oro i went for the second menu:
Chicken and beef taco
Mexican rice or salad
Churros or sugared yoghurt with fruit
Soft drink
The price of this menu was 12,99

When we finished eating we went to adventure land where we climbed an obstacle course in a tree. I think this part was a Peter Pan themed.

The next attraction we tried was the Indiana Jones and the temple of Peril which a rollercoaster with a killer loop. When we decided we would try it or I decided because Lucy was a cry baby we did not know that there was a loop! It was a bit of a surprise but the rollercoaster was pretty funny!

I don't think Lucy was too impressed with me afterwards but she survived and I did have a plan that i would drag Lucy up in all the rollercoasters. 
To calm down we went back to the Peter Pan part and ended up in a cool cave and walked around. The cave was really dark and cold but it was really nice because of the hot weather!

A stone throne in the dark
 (It was dark but the flash from my Iphone
light up the cave and afterwards we found out that the wall
was coloured)

After our adventures in the cave we walked around in the Peter Pan part

In the middle of nowhere we found some very 
well known faces ;)

 The following land was Aladdin and my favourite land Fantasyland 

Beauty and the Beasts beautiful castle 
The castle was split up into to floors:
Ground floor was a shopping floor themed after Disney movies such as Snow white where all Disney princesses and Princes can buy Disney costumes.

1st floor was full of beautiful glass mosaic windows themed after Sleeping Beauty

Me and Charming

Fantasyland is full of attractions based on different Disney fairytales where you will sit in a thing and watch the different stories unfold.

We went back to adventureland again were we tried the Pirates of Caribbean water ride.

Because it is located in a cave the climate is super nice down here!

We then went back to Fantasyland and explored my favourite Disney movie themed part Alice in Wonderland!

“Take some more tea," the March Hare said to Alice, very earnestly.
"I've had nothing yet," Alice replied in an offended tone, "so I can't take more."
"You mean you can't take less," said the Hatter: "it's very easy to take more than nothing."

"Begin at the beginning," the King said, very gravelly, "and go on till you come to the end: then stop."

"We are all mad here"

What I am wearing:
Playsuit Jacqeuline De Yong 
Kimono Gina Trico
Shoes H&M

Catch me if you can


"Off with their heads"

The view from the queen's castle 

“Have I gone mad?
"I'm afraid so, but let me tell you something, the best people usually are.” 

Later on the day the Dreams parade show would begin and Lucy and I found a place were we could watch the parade. The parade is a must see show in Disneyland! It is a great opportunity if you would like to see all your favourite Disney characters close. 

The coolest fairies!

Cinderella's godmother, The blue fairy and my favourite wizard Merlin

Sweet Anna

The green men were the cutest! They would dance and walk like toysoldiers

My favourite bear 

Peter Pan my love!

I was not so impressed with Wendy at that moment...
And the grand finale...

We ended the day by exploring the last parts of Disneyland, getting some dinner and at last shopping
 (My Disney things will end up in my Paris Haul)

Around 9 pm we went to Beauty and the Beasts castle to get a good seat close to the castle because at 10 pm the big Disney show Disney Dreams would begin. The show was earnestly the most amazing, breathtaking, beautifully show I have ever seen! I would go back to Disneyland all the time just to see the show! It was incredible and my mouth was open doing the entire show! 

After the show we took the metro home again after a loooong but incredible day I will never forget!

Goodbye beautiful Disneyland!
One day I will come back and stay at the hotel!
And another day as a Disney princess with Lucy!

xx Maria

Our train playlist: