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Paris part 3

After our trip to Disneyland Paris we decided to sleep in our 5th day in Paris because we were so tired! When we finally woke up is was already noon and we decided to grab some lunch. We ended at Starbucks. Afterwards we decided to do some shopping and went to Printemps one of the grand magasins.

Printemps is a lot like Galeries Lafayette. All the shops is high-end brands but the shop is really pretty.

If you only have time to visit one of the shops I highly recommend Galeries Lafayette because the staff in Printemps was not friendly at all! I was really pissed when we decided to leave and I don't think I'll ever return to Printemps! I think the staff from Galeries Lafayette was so much more friendly and helpful and the shop is also more beautifully so visit Lafayette instead! 

We also went to one of my favourite drug store brands shop Bourjois and it was super cute! 

The shop was located in a small shopping mall with its own park! It was a visit worth it and in the mall there was also a Zara and a Sephora!
Because of the warm weather that day we ended our shopping trip early with a bag of macaroons and then we went back to relax! It was around 40 degrees that day and we were melting up!
Our macaroons this time was from a famous brand called Ladurée and their stand and shop at Printemps was really cute!

The stand

The shop

Mine macaroons
Strawberry Candy Incroyable 
Rose Petal
I think the last one in pink with dark cream was a summer flavour
with different summer berries. 
I like the macaroons from Pierre Hermes much more then these and would recommend his macaroons instead! Lucy and I was not a fan!

In the evening we decided to go to Moulin Rouge to find a place to eat dinner and we ended up at Buffalo Grill 3 Place Blanche, 75009 Paris. It was a really good place to eat and it wasn't expensive at all! We ended up ordering a starter and a main curse!

Free bread basket

Our starter

Lucy's dish (She was a fan and normally she only eats chicken!)

I ended up with a really good steak!

Sweet sweet Lucy 

We ended up paying 20 Euro each for all of our food and drinks which was a really good deal! I would diffidently recommend this place! 

On the other side is Moulin Rouge located

Back at our hotel room showed Lucy me an anime show called Kamigami no Asobi. It was one of my first anime shows but it was really good and I think you should try watching it! But be careful because you are going to be addicted once you start watching anime shows! 

On our second last day in Paris the weather was extremely warm again so we ended up visiting a few store more and then returned to our hotel room earlier then usually. On our way back we visited a grocery and s small cupcake shop called Chloe's where we brought some cupcakes. We were going to have a feast at our room with sandwiches, soda, nuts, chocolate and cupcakes while we were watching anime.

Look how cute the bag was!

Banana cupcake with nutella cream

Vanilla cupcake with caramel cream

They were so cute! 

We decided that this day was going to be Asiatic inspired and we ended up eating at a Chinese restaurant close to our hotel. It was a really interesting restaurant and I don't know if I liked the place or didn't. I have different feelings for the place but the Sushi was really good! 

Lucy looking fancy

Weird starters to all the menus  
(It is a soup and a salad)

Yummi sushi 

Lucy's fried chicken

Weird meat sticks.

When we returned to our hotel we watch anime for the rest of our evening and we started to watch a new anime show called Brothers conflict

On our 6th and final whole day it was finally time to climb the Eiffel tower. First we made a stop by our favourite bakery/diner Brioche Doree and got our usual breakfast.

Chocolate du pain, croissant and Mango smoothie

And then our long walking trip to Le Eiffel tower. The distance from our hotel to the Eiffel tower was 6,5 km and we were dying because it was super super warm again! On our way we made a few stops at Champs Elysees and then we were ready. The Eiffel tower is located in a beautiful park were it is quiet with a calm atmosphere. There were a lot of people around the Eiffel tower but the line to one of the towers entrance wasn't to bad. After 15-20 minutes we could buy our ticket and enter. Lucy and I started counting the stairs but after the 100 we found out they wrote the stairs number on every 10th stair. In the end we climbed 700 stairs up and 700 down. I was determined to climb all the stairs then to take the elevator! It was hard and warm but it was worth it! 

Flappy bird on our way to the Eiffel tower

Picture taken from Point Neuf

The bow close to Louvre (the one with the gold)

One of the legs to enter the tower

The view from 1st floor

Sacre coeur, close to the place where we stayed

Can you spot Notre Dame? 

Back on earth

A house close the Eiffel tower covered 
by plants

Lucy at the house

After our sweaty trip to the Eiffel tower we returned to our hotel with a quick stop at a grocery to buy some food. We didn't do a lot of things on the last day because we needed to pack all of our things. But before we could pack a lot of things happened and I can tell you all one thing! They are very good in Paris to keep their bank machines out of order! After we finally managed to find a machine who worked, got paid the city taxes and for the taxi, we started to packed and in the end we ate and watched some more anime and played some voltage games (my favourite iPhone/iPads games). A good advise! Make sure to have enough of Euros with you!
Around 1 am we went to sleep but it was really late and 3 hours after we went to bed we were going to get ready to leave to the airport. If you are going to Paris i highly recommend to fly back around 11 am because if you need public transport the first buses or trains runs after 7 am. We rented a private taxi driver through our hotel and it was expensive! 
Around 5:15 our driver picked us up and then we went to the airport! The airport is huge so it was nice with a person who could drive us to the right terminal. After checking in I found a few present to my family and we ate some breakfast. The breakfast in the airport is not too expensive but you should expect to pay about 1 Euro more for it. 

When we finally returned to Hamburg Lucy's father was waiting and we got into their car. Lucy and I was so tired so we fell asleep quickly. 
And this is how our Paris trip ended! It was so strange the next couple of days not hanging out with Lucy but it was one the best trips ever! Lucy and I had so much fun together so now we are travelling buddies and we are currently planning our next summer trip together and it is going to be HUGE!

xx Maria

Paris haul will be up soon!   

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