søndag den 30. august 2015

Hannover 2015 part 2

We started day two by leaving our hotel room early in the morning and (again) went to Hannover center for breakfast and shopping

We ate breakfast at a small cafe/bakery 

My breakfast- Cheese tomato bread and a croissant with a vitamin water 

My parents ate a sandwich with omelet and bacon 
 Ready for some shopping

One of the many shopping malls

The main train station

There were stairs down to the shops in the basement floor from the shopping malls and normal shops
As you can see- LOTS OF SHOPS!

A confectionery store belonging to Galerie Kaufhof

Macaroons! I was so happy and they were really cheap (99 cent) compared to the ones I got in Paris last summer

I bought two vanillas 

The thing in the middle was actually melted (false) chocolate running! It was so cool and it was from one of my favourite chocolate brands Lindt

So many balloons but kids were loving it! 

A hot dog man 

The greyish building on the right side is a shopping mall we went to 

Shoe trying

Toy store department 

In the sport department they have made a track and field ~ So cool

This was a cake from the shopping malls bakery- Looks great but I personally didn't like it!
My dad was a fan! 

My macaroon! But it was bad because as you can see the structure wasn't right! 
Next stop PRIMARK! ♥

We ended our shopping trip by buying a cake and then we went back to our hotel room for a break before dinner!
This cake was good! There was cream inside and in the middle there was some sour berries 
Some hours later we were ready for dinner! We went a longer walker to the outer center of Hannover and found a super great place where we ate dinner!

Big building

Cheers with beer and water! (and my cola)

Dad looking fab!

This was my dish and I.WAS.FREAKING.LOVING.IT!!
It was some pork (I think) with ham around it and cheese in a cream sauce with mushrooms
Normally I don't like sauce but god I was happy I got a spoon with the dish! 

My mom got three kinds of meet in a cream Gorgonzola sauce 

My dad got a super big schnitzel and my sister a pizza 
Unfortunately I don't know the name of this place but it's located 10 meters from the place we ate dessert at

Say cheese

Sis and I

The place we ate dessert at! Highly recommend this place! Their menu was to die for!

I got Spaghetti Carbonates (one of my favourite pasta dishes) in ice cream version! 

My parents ice coffee and choco

My sister got a fruit dessert
Day 3 the weather was awful! It was raining so hard that we had to cancel our zoo plans and drive back earlier than planned. When we were leaving Hannover we couldn't get out of the city because every single freeway was blocked! There was police everywhere and we didn't know why. In the end we asked a police officer for help of how to exit the city and we was told one freeway there might not be blocked. Lucky for us it wasn't blocked but we had absolutely no idea about what was going on. Some time after we got back to Denmark we found out it was because of bomb destructing from the second world war. Before returning back home we ended up shopping close to the Danish  border and then we returned back to Denmark.
This trip to Germany has been so good! I would love to go to Hannover again and I highly recommend you to try it out if you ever have the opportunity! The best thing about Hannover was that everything was placed at one place where in Berlin you have two different locations where you can shop and it takes an evil year to get to one of the places from the other because of traffic. 
So this was everything for this time! 

Xx Maria

tirsdag den 25. august 2015

Hannover 2015 part 1

Thank you Google for this pic! :)

So as you might know or not know I was in Germany a little month ago. I were visiting the German city Hannover located around an hour from Hamburg. It was my first time visiting Hannover and I can say it's not my last! The city is really great! Lots of different culture, great shopping options, a few sightseeing places and lots of cafes and restaurants!
We drove by car to Hannover and it took us around 5 hours. 

Breakfast time 'cuz we drove from Denmark at 5 o'clock in the morning!

But first, lets take a selfie

On the road again

At one of our break places something super funny (and awkward) happened for me. I was pretty much laying on the entire back seat with my head on my mom's lap sleeping and suddenly my mom hits me and yells "MARIA!!!! Look there's an Asian!" (please note that this is meant as a good thing because in general I find Asians really attractive, thank you) and I sat up totally confused and still half asleep. Outside the car an Asian man came walking and suddenly his family were there too. The Asian man had a son and honestly I don't think I have been stared on that much before as I did there! The son was staring SUPER SUPER MUCH at me! And when he went into their car (of course parked next to ours) I thought he was going to talk to me because he went straight for our car! Instead he just smiled and they drove away! It was SO awkward and embarrassing but also flattering I guess? Haha! 

A bit later we arrived to our hotel Crowne Plaza Hannover

Again thank you Google!
We parked our car and went into Hannover center for some shopping (More precisely PRIMARK TIME!)! If you stay at this hotel you only live 5 minutes away from the shopping center! When we returned we found a little surprise by the car also know as a car ticket because we may or may not have parked wrong! So just so you know it! When you park a car in Germany be sure to check where you are parking on a parking place because some places are for free and others aren't! But the people on our hotel were really nice and gave a free parking place for our entire stay at a closed parking lot to the hotel! Normally you should pay 20 euros a day to park there so our bill didn't seem as bad again (who am I kidding... 80 euros)! It's really expensive to park in Germany!

Well after our not-so-nice-car-accident we got our room and started unpacking. I must say that the room was suuuuper super nice! It was so big and spacey and I'm even more surprised of the size because it's a city hotel!

My sister and mine bed- A bit hard but the pillows were good!

Hello big Primark bag!

Looking so serious while taking photos
Mini fridge, a bit expensive prizes for the stuff

Main bed- On all the bed was a little bag with candy from Haribo
This bed was really comfortable!

Not the biggest bathroom but still nice and with lots of towels!

Free products

So after unpacking we went to the center again for eating dinner and to do some more shopping!

The architecture was really nice

The main station in Hannover 

I think this was really nice and I would wish we used this more in Denmark

Ernest Augustus 1 of Hannover (He was a King from 1837)
We decided to explore the shopping mall Ernst August Galerie which I personally think is the best shopping mall of them all in Hannover center

Really big!

There was 3 floors with more than 150 shops!

Patiently waiting

Believe it or not but I was actually waiting with my dad for my mom and sis (Looking hella pale!)

Already tireeeed!
 The best thing about shopping malls are without doubt the toy department!

These teddies are the cutest! We also saw them in Oslo some years ago!
I need one in my life! *Come here Aslan*

This bear was so coooool! He told the kids (in German) facts about different animals! Really good!
 After our "adventure" in Ernst August Galerie we went back to a café kind of place called Nordsö I think! It's located closed to Primark!

I got a salmon wrap! Really good! And cheap (3,50 euros)

These statues was sooo cute!

The were water dripping from her umbrella

A quick trip at Mc D! My absolute fav. thing from Mc D! Highly recommend!!!
 So this was everything we did on our first day in Hannover! I promise part 2 will be up soon!!

Xx Maria