søndag den 2. november 2014

Rosamund Hodge - Cruel beauty review

This time I decided it was time for different kind of post. This post is a non-related beauty post but a book post! I love reeding books and because I was sick the other day I had some free time to read a book. I read Cruel beauty by Rosamund Hodge. This book genres are fantasy, romance and young adult so if you like any of these genres this book would probably be something for you!

This book is based on Beauty and the Beast but I think it is a very twisted version of it. It's about a girl called Nyx who has since her birth been betrothed to the evil ruler of her kingdom the Prince of demon because her father made a bargain with him. Because of this bargain Nyx has since she was very small been trained by her aunt of how to please and seduce him and by her father how to kill him. Her mission is to kill this rule in the hope that the kingdom will return to normal. This kingdom doesn't have a real sky and the kingdoms popularity hope that by killing the Prince of Demon the sky will return. On her seventeenth birthday she is going to marry him and move into his castle but what she doesn't expect is that the Prince of Demon Ignifex is a charming extremly handsome demon in a human body who she starts to have feelings for...

I think this was a really good and different book from the rest and I mostly enjoyed reeding it. Sometimes I would had loved to walk into this book and slap Nyx's face but you should reed the book yourself to figure out why. I most say that the ending of this book really surprised me but I really liked it! 
What makes this book special is because of the environment of this book! You don't know which time period this book takes place- It could be the past, present or future. I think it is a mixture of it all and that makes it all very exiting. The plot of the book is not like all the other books. I really felt like this was something new and I don't believe I had ever read anything like this before! The characters are really twisted and they really grows through the story. I really enjoyed Ignifex character because he was really funny but also very seductive on a good way! You should really just read it!  

In the end it was a nice little book to read and on a scale from 1 to 5 I think I would give it a little 4. It was a good book and I really liked Ignifex but I don't know if I'm ever going to read it again. 

So this is everything for this time! 
Xx Maria