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Top 5 summer perfumes

As we all know summer is more or less here (unless you live in denmark...)! And that means we all find our summer wardrobe, shoes, sunglasses ect. and get ready for long nights at the beach, in the city or other cool places! And for me summer also means time to smell like summer!
In this blog post I have collected my personal top 5 summer perfumes that I'm crazy about in summertime!

1. The first perfume is the Fijian Water Lotus Perfume by The Body Shop

The front of the perfume 

It's a really fresh and summery sent perfect for hot summer days! It's a very exotic and smells of citruses, flowers and sea notes but in the good way! It was a perfume The Body Shop launched last summer but you can still buy it. You can buy this smell as a perfume, a shower gel and a body lotion. It contains 50 ml of Eau De Toilette

The beautiful bag of the perfume
The design of the perfume is really chick and it's easy to take with you! This is in my opinion one of the best summer perfumes if you like fresh and exotic perfumes!

2. The second perfume is Born In Paradise by Escada

One of the prettiest perfumes i own!

This perfumes is a super exotic summer scent! When I smell it I think of Hawaii or other super exotic places! The scent smells of Piña Colada but in the super good way! You can smell the coconut but it's not in a bad way! The sent is sweet but still fresh!

The perfume from the bag with a pretty bird
Escade launched this perfume last year and this year they have released a new perfume from the summer collection called Turquoise summer.
Born in Paradise is available in Eau De Toilette as 30, 50 or 100 ml. My bottle contains 50 ml.

3. The third perfume is Eau Océane by Biotherm

I must apologize and say this is a pic from the internet
because I only have a sample of it

This perfume was launched in 2012. I got a sample of it last year when I was in Galleries Lafayette in Germany and I must say normally I'm not a big fan of Biotherm's perfumes but this one is amazing! It super fresh and summery and it smells of a hot summer day by the ocean! It has an ocean scent but a good one with notes as lemon and watery fruits.
The perfumes is available as 100 ml Eau De Toilette.

4. The fourth perfume is the Mange Body mist by The Body Shop.

It's a very sweet and light fragrance and you can use it all over your body. It's a very good and cheap option for a summer sent if you don't want to use to many money on it! And it comes in pretty much all of The Body Shop's sent if another one is better. I like this one a lot because it's sweet but still fresh. 
The body mist is available as 100 ml.

5. The fifth perfume is Fantasy Island by Britney Spears

This is a really pretty bottle with lots of diamonds!
First time I smelled this was two summer ago but I didn't buy it and I regretted it a lot afterwards! But this year at Palma's airport I found it and I brought it! It's super fresh but in a different way then the other scent from this blog post. It was launched in 2013 and it's a part of Britney Spear's fantasy line. The scent is made of floral and fruity aromas.
It's available as 50 or 100 ml Eau De Toilette

Xx Maria


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