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My spring trip to Majorca

So this April my family and I went on a spring trip to Majorca! We were all in need for some sun and summer and Majorca had it all!

Good morning from Billund Airport

Breakfast time!

We stayed at a hotel called Viva Palmanova and it was located in the city Palmanova 20 kilometres from the capital Palma.

The hotel from the outside

We stayed at one apartment with two bedrooms

 Oh so happy I look!
My sister and I slept in here

The view from our balcony

Our tiny but nice kitchen but without and oven...
But we had a microwave! 

The master bedroom!
It's hard to travel xD

The bathroom was all right in its size and we got
free samples such as shower gel, toothbrush and more

So on our first day we unpacked, explored the hotel went out to eat lunch and then we went grocery shopping! Afterwards we just ate dinner at our hotel room 'cus we were soooo tired!

The next day we spent the day at the pool, sunbathing and bathing. I must say the water was really cold in April, so if you go to Majorca in April be prepared!

The pool area from a higher view

In the evening we ate at a restaurant who's name I can't remember! 
On the third day we went to Majorca's capital Palma. We took the bus to Palma and our first stop was Porto Pi a huge shopping mall close to the harbour.

Porto Pi from the front

Welcome to heaven!

We were really excited when we saw a Costa cruise ship
at the harbour because some years ago we sailed with one
of their ships!

Happy because we have brought new clothes! Go shopping!

Crazy many ships!

Dreaming of being the owner to one of the bigger ships you can't see here!

Palma was a wonderful city with a lot of really handsome boys!

The cathedral 

So after a loooooong day of shopping and walking ridiculous much we decided to take the bus back. Just an info to other people who will take the bus back to Palmanova or other places you should look really careful after the bus stations because the buses only stops at some special places! We waited around 2 hours before we found the right one!

The next day we relaxed at the pool and in the evening my mother's cousin and her family visited us at our hotel. After some time looking at different bars we finally found one. It was really good and the drinks were great!

Mango daiquiri really good! 

I think this was a blue Hawaiian drink
-It didn't taste good

My mom and her cousin!


On the fifth day we went on a boat trip from Palmanova's harbour. It was a great and really beautiful trip. It took about 2 hours or so and you saw a lot of different things. I was really afraid of the boat trip because I easy get seasick! But I survived and it was a really enjoyable trip and we saw dolphins! 

At the beach/harbour

Selfie selfie selfie

Hello little bird

The ship we sailed with

I wouldn't mind living in one of these houses

Hot chocolate 'cuz I'm cool (not really)

Give meeee

 Hello legs in my sunglasses

Fam. ♥

Being philosophic 

We ate dinner at our hotel again in the evening and afterwards my dad, sis and I went on a night shoot of our hotel

On our second last day we went out and ate dinner with my mom's cousin family and friends at a restaurant in their town and afterwards we visited one of the friend's apartment. 
On our last day we packed, I went shopping at an Asian shop close to our hotel were a really (As in super hot and handsome) Asian guy worked but he never showed up at the shop when I was there :( I saw him two times at the shop and both times I was going to other places... But I got a dress from the shop I really liked! I would just like to point out that I went to that shop 5 times because it was closed all the other times...'-.-
After my shopping trip we ate dinner at a restaurant and then we went home.

We lived close to the beach

A mini shopping are but with good shops!

My all time favourite store! (Not the Asian one)

Fish time!

Ready for our last night

The Asian shop

Another cool store

Champaign Sangria that tasted awful!

Lots of sugar and fruit to make it taste better!

The last time we could eat these amazing cakes with cream!

The next day it was time to go home. It had been an amazing trip and I can truly say it wasn't my last time going to Majorca! I loooooove this place!

Palma airport is huge!

Shopping, shopping, shopping!

Our last meal at Majorca at Mc Donalds!

Vanilla Frappuccino, my all time fav. drink at Starbucks!

They never fail to write my name right...

Hallo Denmark

And back to the earth! Until next time Majorca!

Xx Maria

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