onsdag den 8. juli 2015

A package from Korea

All my favourite cosmetics brands are pretty much Korean.
I'm a huge fan of the cosmetic brand Missha and I highly recommend it to other people who would be interested in trying Korean cosmetic brands. Missha's products have a fair price and all of the products are simply beautiful and looks so much more expensive then what they are. All ofthe products I have tried so far has been of high quality and even my mom has ordered different stuff too.

The other day I ordered at few necessary things and some bonuses (I can never control it when I first start) at my favourite Ebay seller iamlove-shop . She has free shipping and she always impress with the shipping speed! I got my package one and a half week before the delivery date! SERVICE!
All the product you buy from her shop are also wrapped securely so the stuff wont break! And as a bonus you all ways gets lots of free samples *-*
But let's get started!

Momma is so excited

Uh free gift

Securely wrapped!

First product
Missha, Cheery Blossom Cleansing Foam 
price 16$

The product is really large for a face soap!

This is what it contains written in Korean

Missha Cherry Blossom Cleansing oil
Price: 17$

Cleansing oils are my favourite product
to remove make up with!

What the product contains, again in Korean 

Missha Coral Water Lip&Eye Makeup Remover
Price: 15$

This bottle is really pretty! But the product contains Coral water :/

What the product contains- A good idea to 
google the different products before buying 
them because unless you speak Korean this
doesn't makes sense!

The next product is an all time favourite product I have ordered sometimes from The Face Shop

The Face Shop Blackhead Out Aloe Nose Strips
Price: 4,28$

It contains 7 nose strips and they are really good!

This time I also decided to try some other nose strips from Holika Holika

 This package is sooo cute!
Holika Holika Pig Nose Clear Black Head Perfect Sticker
Price: 5,88$

It contains 10 nose strips

From the same collection they had also made head stream stater gel which I have never tried before! Really excited to try it!

Holika Holika Pig Nose Clear Black Head Stream Starter
Price: 6,48$

What it contains

It was a really nice surprise that I got a free gift because I have purchased for as much as I had especially when it was a free face mask and to make it even better it was a free face mask with the Korean boy group B1A4 who has made a song called Solo day I'm currently obsessed with!

This is a sheet mask!

I'm never going to open it! Look how handsome the one in the middle is ♥-♥

So as I told in the start of this blog post you gets lots of free samples when you buy stuffs from this seller and here you can see!

I got 11 free samples!!!

This nose strip is good and I'm always happy when I get it!

So this was everything for this time! I will make a blog post later with reviews of the different products!

Xx Maria 

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