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Paris haul

As most of you know I went to Paris this summer with Lucy and of course I ended up buying some things cause it was Paris, so I decided to do a little haul to show you what I bought.

The first place we went was Sephora and I did already know what was number 1 on my must-buy-in-Paris-list and that was the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. In Denmark we only have one Sephora shop and it is located in the capital Copenhagen and I don't live close to Copenhagen so I haven't gotten the change to purchased it before now! I have also search for it in Berlin as well but without any luck! So thank you Sephora, I'm now a very happy girl!

I did also buy Urban Decays All night makeup setting spray which basically is a spray that ensures your makeup to stay nice all day without your makeup starts melting, cracking or fading. This makeup setting spray promise to last up to 16 hours and is oil free, paraben free and contains temperature control technology. I think it is a very nice makeup setting spray and so far I have really enjoyed using it. It works! 

I also bought a new mascara from Benefit called They're real! This is first time I have ever bought anything from Benefit but they have definitely not disappointed me! It is a good mascara and it does it job but the only thing you need to be careful about is that at least my lashes tends to clumps using it.

Next stop was Galeries Lafayette. I love buying things at Lafayette because you always gets lots of free samples! The first stop was Clinique.

I was running out of my favourite skin tonic and as you can see have I already been using it!

Next stop was Dior. For some time ago I was at my local drug store buying a lipstick and the expedient told me about a new lipliner pencil without colour because I'm not a big fan of coloured lipliners. She showed me a new lipliner pencil from Dior. The colour was universal and really nice so I ended up buying it in Paris together with my new favourite lipstick/balm.

Dior Universal Lipliner Pencil

Dior Dior Addict lipstick in colour 611 Cruise

Next up was Michael Kors. When I first visit the shop I fell in love with this little bag but I decided I would think about it before buying it because it was a bit pricey thinking about its size. After we went through every department I still couldn't stop thinking about the bag so I returned to the shop again. And guess what? I am now the very happy owner of my very first Michael Kors bag. I have been in love with his bags for such a long time so I am completely head over heels with this bag! Totally worth every penny I spent on it! 

I don't know the model name but it is made from Saffiano leather

I did also buy a thing at my sworn enemy shop Printemps were I bought a new concealer. Normally I buy my concealer from Estee Lauder but I decided to try a new brand and I ended up buying my concealer from Nars.

Nars concealer in the colour Light 1, Chantilly
It was the lightest colour and it suits my skin really nice.
 I normally use the ivory colour or a the fairest colour you can get a concealer in.  

Disney Haul

When we visited Disneyland Paris I bought a lot of things. I don't think it is expansive at all in Disneyland. They had the prettiest things and I could probably have bought it all! My favourite shop was a small shop in the castle where they only sold Christmas things. I would highly recommend going to that store! 

I ended up buying 3 balls and they were only 13 euro per ball. I can't wait till Christmas now!

I have a tradition that every time I visit a new country I will buy
a keyring so here is my new keyring. 

This is the only glass I'm drinking off now.

I needed a pen so hey why not buy one from Disney? 

We were in need of a card game and this was soooo cute!
This is definitely my new travelling card game!

This was everything from my Paris haul! I hope you enjoyed it!

xx Maria

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  1. Alle de fine ting du købte :O <3 Jeg glæder mig til at se julepynten komme og at hænge! ^0^

    Oooooog Mariaaaa!! Eder nominerer dig til Liebster Awarden!

    1. Mange tak for normineringen :D
      -Jeg glæder mig allerede til at du skal hjem og se det :D