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Welcome to University |Part 2|

So I have officially been an university student for almost a month! It's crazy and I can't believe how fast this month has went and how much I already have done! But let's start with day 1!

So the first day I went to my university 08:45 am ready for the first welcome. When I went to our canteen I was really confused because there was soooo many tables and a lot of new students! I didn't know where to go but luckily the other students where very sweet to show me the way. I found my table and took a seat and met the first 2 of my new classmates and group members. At AAU they use groups a lot throw the tuition and pretty much all of my time spend there are together with my group. I was very nervous over what kind of people they would be. Luckily my group only contains super nice and friendly people and we all have it great together. We were two girls and 3 boys in my group and it turned out that I studied math with the girl (Dinna) and one of the boys (Martin) went to the same high school as me but was in a class under me.
The rest of the day was all about our welcome with lots of speeches from different professors and student organizations.

Our program (It's in Danish sorry)

A student organization and place  called huset (the house)

After the speeches and lunch it was time for Tour de Campus which basically was like a treasure hunt (without a treasure) through the campus. It was really funny and a great way to get around the campus. Some of the competition was really difficult but still great!
We ended the tour by drawing a map over our university and it looked like this

Afterwards we went to our University's bar called Smuthullet where there was free pizza to us all! After some pizza and a beer we went home ready for the next day!

The subjects I'm studying the first semester is:
-Problem based learning (PBL)
-Fundamental energy systems physics and topology which contains of
 - Electro physics
 -Different types of energy systems
I also have some subjects I chose myself which gives me some ECTS points I don't really know what I can use them for:
-Basic Math

My books

So far I like it all but I must say PBL is super super boring and Electro physics was really difficult!!! Luckily our teacher in Electro physics was really nice and used a lot of one of our lectures on teaching us how to calculate assignments in his subject.

Besides all of my subjects I already had an exam, 6 days ago! This also means that I have been super busy writing my project (my exam) together with my group members. I pretty much didn't have time for anything and some days I most admit I didn't have time for homework.
Our exam is about us writing a project together as group members then do a presentation of it. Our main theme was Energy so after some days of discussing our final theme, we agreed on consequences with windmills with focus on people living around it.
Doing this project our group member Martin also decided to leave our group so we were even busier! In the end we made it, hold a presentation and passed it! Our presentation could have been better but it wasn't bad! And I think our Supervisor really liked our project! They had lots of positive comments on its content and they used our numbers to the others presentations if they didn't agree.

Brainstorming themes for windmills

Our project front page

I also attended a party at my university called Sport Party. Doing the day of the party people would dress up and there would be competitions in different kinds of sports. Dinna and I went and watch it a bit but then it started raining! We quickly went to Dinna's place instead and cooked dinner (Mexican pancakes) and got ready for the party. It was a lot of fun and the party at the school was very chill. I don't think I would categorize it a party but it was fun! There weren't a lot of people but Dinna and I both knew some older students and I also know a couple of people who has started this year so we had a lot fun!

Quick party selfie at the bathroom with Dinna!

So far this is some of the highlight so far of my university life! I'm currently having some days off because we just had an exam so I'm relaxing and studying a lot so I'm ready to start again! I'm hoping you guys had a nice start on your university, school, high school, job ect.
So stay tuned for more university blogpost! I'll soon gonna write a much bigger project called p1! And remember to check my blog every Sunday in October because it's DIY October!

Have a nice week
Xx Maria

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